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Journeying through the Green Highways of Cannabis 21+

Lovers of the leafy green, buckle up! With Cannabis 21+ you’re not just walking into a marijuana dispensary, you’re hopping aboard a delightful magic carpet ride through a world of high vibes and potent good times!

From the trendy shores of San Diego, CA, to the idyllic landscapes of Ukiah, CA, our cannabis dispensaries are frequented by discerning herb enthusiasts looking to elevate their experiences. We’re the friendly neighborhood dispensary near Sorrento Valley, CA and Riverside, CA. At Cannabis 21+, we are always ready to serve you with a smile and, of course, a fantastic selection of top-shelf products.

And let’s not forget our dispensaries in the sunny realms of Palm Desert, CA and Hemet, CA. It’s always 420 at Cannabis 21+. So why not stop by after your searing sand dune safari or heart-warming Hemet hike for a refreshing CBD-infused iced tea or a premium prerolled joint?

Whether you’re a weed wizard or a curious greenhorn, we got you. Visit Cannabis 21+ and take your high on a higher journey.